About Julie

I am a keen dog lover, my love for dogs has grown over the past 10 years. I’m enthusiastic about helping you get the best from socialising your puppy right from the day they come home with you.

My passion grew after taking on a rescue Blue Merle Border Collie. After taking this 11-month-old home, we not only gained a beautiful blue-eyed pup, but we also took home a pup that hadn’t been socialised in any way. Her issues – boy I had my work cut out! Cassie she was very challenging in more than one way, that’s when I called for help from the professionals.

23435236_10203657807602694_3361418352575068991_nThis was the biggest and best step we could have made. From that day, things changed. Having help from friends, colleagues and professionals, life changed for us all. We had so much fun along the way; we joined the local training school which offered obedience training (which Cassie loved and so did I!). We grew as a team, we continued through the courses and then joined a display team where we travelled around the country having fun with our new found friends.


This is what motivated me to help others. I feel so passionate about the first steps in a puppy’s life. This is why I decided to take a new path in the road and open up a safe place for puppies to have new and positive experiences at The Barn. I want to help you and others alike get the best results, giving them the best start in life by offering my knowledge, experience and guidance all through the love of play.
My aim is to offer you and your puppy all the help and support that you need in a clean, safe environment. Puppies can learn, socialise and harness life skills that will help them develop into a confident, trusting, well mannered pup all with the help, love, guidance, care, kindness and positive reinforcement.