The 5 Senses

During a young puppy’s life, they often encounter things that will scare them, or put them off guard – these are called ‘fear’ periods. Every new encounter, sound, taste or smell will more than likely put a young puppy on edge. This is why desensitising at such a young age is crucial to healthy puppy’s development.

By using all the senses (touch, taste, sound etc.), my aim is to help your puppy grow with confidence while they encounter new, strange things. Even the simplest of things can seem frightening to a young puppy. By using specialist desensitising techniques, we can help make sure that your puppy grows into a confident, well-mannered dog, who will be far more likely to be confident, calm and less fearful.

In contrast, a dog who hasn’t received proper training and de-sensitising during these stages is far more likely to be over-reactive, unable to concentrate, be fearful and possibly develop behavioural problems.


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